Honeymoon With Keller Travel


After months of planning for the Big Day, what better way to finish off the celebrations than to SPOIL yourselves with the holiday of a lifetime (without breaking the bank).

Your Honeymoon also requires a lot of planning, but we are here to help you all the way with unrivaled advice.


What is the best destination suited to your needs?

You need to consider the time of the year that you are getting married – if it’s Summer in Ireland, it maybe a different season in the country of your choice – various destinations are most suitable for visiting at certain times of the year.

Then there is the choice –
Beach, City & Beach, Theme Park & Beach or Cruise, Cruise & Beach, Cruise & City, Adventure, Exploration, Safari etc., the list is endless.
Remember we can tailor make any holiday for you in the World.

Little Tips
1) Don’t be afraid to set a Budget – we will work around this.

2) Choose your date of departure carefully – don’t rush off after the wedding day , take a day or two to relax and catch up with all the people after the big day.

3) Make your reservations in the name that will be on your passport ie. MAIDEN or MARRIED name.
4) Check in time if you will need visa’s or ‘jabs’.
5) Book your Honeymoon in time, by doing so it will be another thing that you can tick off. You will also save money by booking early. You can if you wish pay off your honeymoon as you go along (up to 6 weeks prior to departure)